Frequently Asked Questions

Why do buyers across the U.S. choose Isringhausen Imports rather than other dealers? [ TOP ]

Our clients tell us that ease of doing business, exceptional inventory, and our Staff all make doing business here attractive.

If I live in a state not near Illinois, how can I explore a deal with Isringhausen? [ TOP ]

Begin by exploring our Inventory. Then you may phone us at 877.362.9715 or contact us via e-mail with your inquiry and we will be glad to reply to you with any information.

If I am buying long distance, am I expected to buy a car sight unseen? [ TOP ]

All we require is that the buyer agrees to purchase the car after they see it. We will accurately describe the car, new or pre-owned, and we guarantee the car to be as described. We will refund your security deposit if we have misrepresented the car.

How can Isringhausen evaluate my trade-in long distance? [ TOP ]

We will ask you to describe your car to us. Based on your description, we will make an offer to buy your car. We do reserve the right to rescind a deal if the trade has been misdescribed, has salvage title history, an odometer problem, or any other vehicle history report issues.

How long does delivery take for out of Illinois buyers? [ TOP ]

If the buyer is purchasing an in-stock car, we usually deliver anywhere in the country within 10 days. And, we'll deliver it to your home or place of business at the time you specify. Special orders may take longer.

For more information, please refer to our Nationwide Delivery page.

Who actually delivers the car and picks up my trade-in? [ TOP ]

Most deliveries are made by our professional transporters who are Isringhausen employees. We do occasionally use outside carriers.

Does Isringhausen assist with financing? [ TOP ]

Yes, we can assist with lease or purchase financing. We have many sources. Please review the Financing page for more details.

Can you give potential buyers the names of others in their area that have purchased cars "long distance" from Isringhausen? [ TOP ]

Yes! We can give the names of satisfied clients in your area.

I know Mercedes, BMW, and Porsche come with warranties that are honored by any franchised dealer nationwide, but what about Isringhausen pre-owned cars? Can I get a warranty on them? [ TOP ]

Yes! Almost all pre-owned cars come with some warranty, a Mercedes Starmark Warranty, a BMW Certified Pre-Owned Warranty, or our limited warranty. Our Sales Staff will be glad to explain these warranties to you in detail.

Why can Isringhausen offer more for my pre-owned car than other dealers? [ TOP ]

Many dealers who trade for European cars do not have a retail network for pre-owned high-end automobiles. Isringhausen has a national market for PRIME pre-owned Mercedes, BMW's, and Porsches. In fact, we have a very strong demand for exceptional, well kept examples. We recondition and retail them, offering our clients only the very best.

Could you please describe the long distance buying process? [ TOP ]

Upon agreeing to purchase or lease a car, the client is faxed an order to sign. A deposit is required to secure the car. After financing is arranged, the car is scheduled for delivery. Upon arrival and after inspection to your satisfaction, the necessary paperwork is completed.

What if the buyer is not satisfied with the Isringhausen car when it is delivered? [ TOP ]

This is extremely rare but has happened. If we have misdescribed the car or there is a mechanical problem, we will repair it or refund the deposit. After nearly 30 years of business and thousands of deliveries, we have had 4 or 5 returns.

What if I want a specific make, model, and year of a car? Can you find it for me? [ TOP ]

If it's a Mercedes, BMW, or Porsche, chances are we have or can find exactly what you want. We also carry other lines of import, luxury, and exotic automobiles. There is NO CHARGE for this service.

As an out-of-state buyer, do I have to pay Illinois sales tax? [ TOP ]

Our experts can help to determine the proper taxing liability between Illinois and your home state. You will never be double taxed.