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Porsche Cayenne: An SUV with the Heart of a Sports Car

When Porsche debuted the Cayenne in 2002, it was met with some skepticism. It seemed a radical departure for a company whose sports cars had always been lightweight, nimble-handling machines of the highest efficiency. Yet Porsche engineers managed to fuse those qualities with those of a rugged, roomy SUV. Take a look at the Cayenne model range, and you will see the Porsche principle of engineering evolution executed in steel, aluminum and leather. Each example of the new Cayenne advances its own variation of a thesis first established by the original Cayenne: that the utility of an SUV can coexist with the performance of a Porsche sports car.

There is a school of thought that an SUV must be big and boxy, as if its brawny ruggedness could only come from considerable body mass. Thankfully, Porsche designers did not attend that school. The new Cayenne takes a more enlightened approach to marriage of sport and utility. Its taut, sleek shape is the result of Porsche’s belief that form must follow the demands of function, not the whims of fashion. Consider the lines of the new Cayenne: The exterior is unmistakably Porsche. The sharper profile exudes purpose, which is further emphasized by the dynamic rear roof pillars and flowing coupé-like silhouette. 

No matter which Cayenne you choose, you’ll feel the connection between driver and machine deepen, the bond between you and the road strengthen. And isn’t that the whole point? See an Isringhausen representative to learn more.

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