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The all new 2011 BMW 5-Series. Now at Isringhausen (Video).


Offered in 3 different trim levels the 528i, 535i and 550i, the all new 2011 5-series legacy is one of incredible performance, timeless style, and countless innovations. The BMW 5 Series Sedan is as brilliant as the drive it creates - savor each second of a drive that combines grace with impressive performance. The new 5-series comes mated to an 8-speed automatic transmission, which offers a 3 to 4 percent fuel-economy savings over the 6-speed manual transmission. To supply a battery with electrical energy, the generator (alternator) is usually driven using engine power, which requires fuel. With Brake Energy Regeneration, the generator produces electricity when the driver brakes or takes a foot off the accelerator. Kinetic energy that was previously unharnessed is transformed into electrical energy, then fed into the battery. In this way, electricity is generated without consuming fuel.  If the unfortunate event of an actual crash were to happen, BMW makes sure you are fully protected thanks to the front and pelvis-thorax airbags as well as curtain head airbags for both seat rows. All seats are fitted with three-point automatic seat belts. The restraint systems are fitted with belt force limiters and the front seats also have a belt tensioner function. The front seats are fitted as standard with active headrests, which provide protection from cervical spine injury in the event of a rear impact. Depending on the type and intensity of the accident, the central safety electronics system triggers the most effective protection elements as appropriate. In addition, there are ISOFIX childrens seat attachments on the rear seats as well as the option to deactivate the passenger airbag, both are standard. The new BMW 5-Series has a highly rigid resilient structure bearer that is generously sized and precisely defined. It has deformation zones that provide the basis for the passenger cell to be able to perform its function as a survival space for occupants in the event of serious collisions until help arrives. The new 5 Series is better looking, more luxurious and more capable – yet it is also safer and cleaner. It is easier to use, easier on the eyes and far easier to drive than its predecessor.

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