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The All-New Mercedes-Benz E-Class
For generations, one car has set the standards to which all other automobiles instantly aspire, and will someday adhere. Once again, leadership takes a leap ahead. Since its arrival in its original form some 60 years ago, the Mercedes-Benz E-Class has devotedly fostered two virtues of leadership in the automotive world: A talent for breaking new ground in virtually every area of automotive excellence. And a knack for predicting what people will expect from all cars in the future. For decades, it’s been the standard-bearer in innovation, safety and rewarding performance. It’s been the subject of study to emulate its solidity and durability. And it’s been the object of endless idolization—from cars whose ads claim to have duplicated its iconic style, to wide recognition for inventing what is now a core category of luxury automobile. For 2014, the E-Class asserts its lead once more—actually, several times more. It’s more advanced in its performance and its eco-friendliness. Intelligent Drive is a new name for its ever-expanding, industry-leading roster of innovations in both driving safety and convenience. And a stunningly redesigned body and more elegant cabin present the role-model virtues of the E-Class in supermodel style. Once again, the pace of progress has been reset. And with it, so has every expectation of what an automobile can be. Check out the video below for an excellent overview of the All-New E-Class!

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