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The All-New, UN4GETTABLE, BMW 4 Series
After nearly 20 years of offering the 3-Series Coupe, BMW has adopted a new family member. BMW's newest addition is its all new 4-Series. Meant to take the place of the 3-Series Coupe, this is purely a performance vehicle. While similarities to the flagship 3-Series are abundant, the 4-Series is wider, lower to the ground and weighs 100 lbs less than its predecessor.

Equipped with the same proven engines as the 3 series models, the 428i is equipped with BMW's 2.o liter turbo four and will sprint to 60 in just 5.7 seconds while the 435i, boasting BMW's 3 liter straight-six, will complete the same task in only 5 seconds. Other improvements include significant work on the chassis to improve agility and steering response. Both models will offer xDrive as a $2000 option.

The 4-Series is currently offered in 3 trim levels past the base car: The conservative luxury, the sport and the more aggressive M-Sport. An impressive collection of technology and gadgets are available on this car although most of it is optional. The collection of gizmos includes the latest in telematics and connectivity, a handwriting- recognizing touch pad on top of the iDrive knob and full LED headlights. The trunk can be opened by a wave of a food underneath the bumper if the operators hands are full; a practical yet not overly graceful way to open the trunk.

We are extremely proud to be able to sell such a wonderful car representing a lineage of performance motivated engineering. BMW plans to release a 4-Series Convertible and Gran Coupe within the next year offering truly unique and unbelievable automobiles. Stop by Isringhausen Imports in downtown Springfield to test drive the all new 4-Series today.

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