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The All-New C-Class From Mercedes-Benz. This Changes Everything.
It's sleeker than ever, yet more elegant. More substantial in size, space and safety, yet lighter and more nimble. From the Star in its grille to the sculpture of its taillamps, it's a shape that says there's a new benchmark for luxury sport sedans. And in both luxury and sportiness, the experience upholds everything its style promises.

There's a new family of overachievers under the C-Class hood. A new 241-hp turbo-4 in the C300 boosts power and torque by 20%. And the new 329-hp biturbo V-6 in the C400 outruns many V-8s. And yet both offer higher mpg and lower emissions, thanks to advances like high-pressure Direct Injection, rapid-multispark ignition, and ultralow friction.

An intuitive new touchpad and slim screen deliver numerous entertainment, navigation and vehicle options via multi-finger gestures and animated displays. An optional Head-Up Display puts valuable information closer to your line of sight. Clever FrontBass® technology teams with available Burmester® surround sound to keep your ears excited, too.

The all-new 2015 Mercedes-Benz C-Class. Everything about it has changed, so it can change everything around it. Learn more about the all-new C-Class in the the video below.

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