The Founding

Rob Isringhausen of Isringhausen Imports - photo
Rob Isringhausen

In the fall of 1981, Rob Isringhausen founded Isringhausen Imports as a pre-owned car dealership specializing in high-end automobiles. The creation of the dealership was a direct result of Rob being a true car enthusiast whose passion pushed him into the business. His brother Geoff joined him as the fourth employee in January 1984.

The Growth

SAAB awarded a franchise to Isringhausen in 1985, which immediately enhanced Isringhausen's credibility as a viable place to purchase new and pre-owned, high-end automobiles in Central Illinois.

In 1990, Isringhausen sold the Saab franchise and acquired BMW and Porsche franchises. In 1992, a Volvo franchise was acquired. In addition, Isringhausen expanded to Decatur, Illinois by acquiring a Mercedes-Benz, Mazda and Audi store in that market.

While the 1990s were a difficult time for car dealerships specializing in luxury European models, Isringhausen continued to succeed and grow as a reputable place of business. When the opportunity to purchase the Mercedes-Benz franchise in Springfield presented itself in 1997, the Isringhausen brothers decided to consolidate all operations to the Springfield facility. The Mazda, Audi, and Volvo franchises were sold or closed. Three strong German car brands remained (BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Porsche) and have formed the foundation of the company since that time. This was a real thrill and somewhat of the fulfillment of a lifetime dream for Rob and Geoff, as they were true enthusiasts to these brands.

The Expansion

July of 2003, Isringhausen marked the start of a new era for the dealership with the opening of their new pre-owned building adjacent to their primary facility in downtown Springfield. The following year saw the completion of their new Porsche showroom and an overall rehabilitation of the original building.

Geoff Isringhausen of Isringhausen Imports - photo
Geoff Isringhausen

The addition of the BMW Showroom and Service Center in 2008 was an excellent complement to the already strong offerings Isringhausen had to offer. "We are very pleased with this new addition. This showroom enables customers to experience BMW like never before." says Geoff Isringhausen.

Our acquisition of the Volvo Franchise in 2014, from Giuffre Volvo, marks the second time in Isringhausen Imports' history to have ownership of the franchise. Of the company's acquisition of Volvo, Isringhausen Imports' President, Geoff Isringhausen, said, "we are extremely excited to add Volvo to our offerings. Volvo is a quality European Brand that focuses on safety and luxury at a great value that should bring new business."

The Future

Over the past 30 years, Isringhausen has become synonymous with quality vehicles and superb service. The Isringhausen-Way of doing business has been one of offering excellent products at fair prices coupled with service that goes above and beyond what anyone would expect from a typical car dealership.

We believe that good service is comprised of two components, a willing and helpful attitude accompanied by competency in your field, states Geoff Isringhausen. We try to support an environment where each person who works here strives to serve each customer as they wish to be served, with dignity and respect.

Because of these core values, Isringhausen has become and will continue to be a leading example in the industry.