Our Priority is You.

We believe that every person who walks through our doors deserves attention, honesty, and respect - including our employees. By working together in this way, we become more than a team; we become a family. Our belief is that if our employees function as a family, that family will extend its reach to our customer.

The tenure of our 65 full-time employees averages 8 years. The difference at Isringhausen is that we demonstrate our consideration for our employees and our customers every day-- for without quality employees and satisfied customers, we cease to exist. Every day we work towards the greater good for our customers, our fellow employees and our community. Every Isringhausen employee attempts to follow the example of leadership, friendship, and integrity with which Rob Isringhausen led us for over 25 years.

Rob Isringhausen
In memory of Rob Isringhausen, 1956-2006
The roots of The Isringhausen Philosophy can be attributed to our founder, Rob Isringhausen, who treated everyone with respect and dignity. His judgment and insight were respected by all who had the benefit of knowing him. He was a man, take him for all in all, I shall not look upon his like again...
William Shakespeare


Our mission is to deliver only extraordinary experiences through every avenue of our business. To our customers, our employees, and to our community. We believe a commitment to excellence in each of these areas is the foundation of what makes us not just a successful organization, but more important, an organization that can have a positive impact.

Our Customers

To our customers, without whom we would not exist, we are dedicated to providing only quality products and services with honesty and fairness. Everything we do is backed by our sincere desire to be the absolute best dealership you will ever experience.

Our Employees

All of our employees have been specifically selected and trained to provide our customers with the best service in the industry. Our promise to our employees is to provide a fulfilling, team orientated environment focused on continually exceeding our customers expectations.

Our Community

Within our community we are dedicated to being good corporate citizens. We are committed to doing our share to make central Illinois a great place to live and raise our families, thereby contributing to a bright future for the next generation.